How to Study

New American Bible, Revised Edition (NABRE) is the preferred version of the Bible.

Kerusso lessons are based on the New American Bible (Revised Edition). The outline will follow the “headlines”, or section titles, given in this version (the original manuscripts of the Bible do not have these section titles.) . While using the NABRE is not required, by choosing a standard Catholic version, everyone in the class can follow along with less confusion.

I use for the study, and recommend purchase for those in the market, The NABRE Personal Edition.

Published and offered by the USCCB at $19.95,  it is an excellent price for the text, notes, and commentary, with a very readable layout and font in a binding that allows the book to lay flat.

It is best to use a hard copy Bible for the study, but you can also use to access the NABRE as well as compare various versions in many languages.


You can also access the Bible and the Catechism at the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)


Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC):


Knights of Columbus:


Steps to the Study:

  • Step 1 | Pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in your study and teach you what God wants you to learn in this study. (John 16:13)


  • Step 2 | Read the chapter , in its entirety, silently. Simply read, you don’t have to take notes. Get familiar with the text.


  • Step 3 | Read the chapter again, this time aloud. Write down or underline the verses, setting, concept, that speaks to you, that is, especially stands out for you. This will be different for everyone, and is a something the Holy Spirit is guiding you to consider. What is it? What is the gift for you – such as, encouragement, knowledge, comfort, etc.


  • Step 4 | Next, read through the Lesson so you know the questions.


  • Step 5 | Complete the lesson, and be sure to include Catechism paragraphs in your reading.

Download a PDF of the  Kerusso Study Method