This tab archives the written lessons for Chapters 1 through 9 of the Gospel of Luke. Feel free to download and use them.

Beginning with Luke Chapter 10, I discontinued writing out each lesson due, primarily, to time constraints.  We now study each week based on what we have covered in the past and what we can cover on that day.

What Bible to use for this study?

You may have a Bible or two at home already.  From a Catholic perspective, there are 72 books in the Bible, while Protestants and others might count 66. If you already own a Bible that has 66 books, that is fine, you can access the six “apocryphal” books online.  If you have a question about your Bible, ask me and I can review it with you.  Some version are not used for this study as they are not written from a view of Christianity  that embraces with us the Apostles Creed and the divinity of Jesus Christ, hence, the translation is unorthodox.

I work from The New American Bible, Revised Edition (NABRE).   The study edition of this version, published in September 2015 by the United States Council of Catholic Bishops,  is a good study Bible, and I recommend it if you are looking for a new Bible. I like the extensive study notes, the type font easy to read in a pleasing layout,  and the seven maps are beautifully illustrated.  Click  to order The NABRE, Personal Edition .

Each lesson can be connected to paragraphs in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

The RCC is available online, and you may also want your own hard copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2nd Edition .   There are several bindings for this, choose the size you prefer.  The red- covered Catechism for Adults is also an excellent choice as it includes explanations and other resources to aid understanding; I don’t know if it has all the content found in the Catechism, but instead has key content.

Feel free to ask me any questions before you order.