The earthly ministry of Jesus is reaching an advanced point. The Galilean phase will soon draw to a close and Jesus will begin his journey to Jerusalem.  The teaching and training of the 12 accelerates as they enter their “internship” – Jesus sends the 12 out on a mission, authorizing them to heal the sick and proclaim the Kingdom just as he has been doing.  People at all levels of society are taking notice of the itinerant Jewish rabbi,  with Herod himself pondering, who can this person be?

Into all this activity,  Jesus predicts his passion and meets with Moses and Elijah on the summit of Mount Tabor (the traditionally-referenced  location; Mount Hermon has also been suggested).  The experience of the three disciples who join him there – Peter, James, and John – secures solid instruction of the teaching of the Trinity for the Church as well as strengthen the faith of the three men for when they will be key leaders of the new Church.

Lesson 9 Part 1 launches the disciples on their first mission trip without Jesus.

Download the PDF of Kerusso Mercy Lesson 9 Part 1


Lesson 9 Part 2  focuses on the identity of Jesus as the Son of God and Messiah , true discipleship, and the glory ascribed to Jesus himself.

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