Jesus’ teaching in parables was a way for the common person to hear what might otherwise seem both new and complex concepts about God.  By using illustrations from life that would be familiar to the listener, Jesus could reach everyone with  some level of understanding attained.  The parables of the Sower and of the Lamp are simple to follow and comprehend, and each teaches that the listener must take some sort of action in evangelism and living a holy life.  Following Jesus Christ is not a form of passive entertainment.

Luke 8 Part 1 looks at these parables.

Download the PDF of Kerusso Mercy Lesson 8 Part 1 .


Jesus goes on to demonstrate his authority over all creation with healings, including one resurrection from death, and commanding the sea and wind to calm during the crossing of the Sea of Galilee. Even Gentiles are allowed to share in these gifts of His mercy.

Luke 8 Part 2 contemplates these miracles.

Download the PDF of Kerusso Mercy Lesson 8 Part 2

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