Kerusso Mercy Lesson 2 answersLesson 2, for Luke Chapter 2,  is the focus of our  Sunday January 17, 2016 class.

Luke’s second chapter focuses us on the birth and early life of Jesus.  From the call of  Caesar’s census to the call of his parents looking for him in the Temple, Jesus’s young life follows a path set out for him before the beginning of time.  God now Incarnate, he experiences the spectrum of life – family life,  challenges, struggles, and transitions as we all face.  In this brief history of his life, from birth to age twelve,  the reader can see a profound consistency of God’s mercy at work in the lives of His people, mercy manifested in the life of Jesus.

Download the PDF of Kerusso Mercy Lesson 2 .

After you have worked on the questions, check your work using  Kerusso Mercy Lesson 2 answers.